Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Colorado Child care contribution tax credit

A small investment can provide big returns thanks to a unique tax credit available through the end of the year. Colorado taxpayers can make a cash donation to a qualified child care provider like Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County and earn a state tax refund equal to 50% of the amount donated.

Why is Colorado doing this? Lawmakers know that every $1 invested on early childhood programs returns more than $8 in benefits to society. Taxpayers and government working together can provide a leveraged benefit to early childhood development resulting in: 
  • Increased academic performance and achievement
  • Increased likelihood of completing high school and of attaining a higher degree/certification
While also: 
  • Decreasing dependence on public services later in life
  • Decreasing criminal involvement

The Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCCC) program, instituted in 1999, provides a 50 percent state tax credit AND a state and federal tax deduction for any contribution made to a qualifying child care organization or fund. Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County is a qualifying organization. This is a Colorado state income tax credit equal to 50% of your donation up to $100,000. Our club sends the completed Form DR 1317, necessary for your tax preparer, to you at the end of the year.

Tax savings example

(Illustration only; please consult with your tax advisor.)
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